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Custom Web Design

Design should always come from the heart. It takes attention to detail, care, and creativity. From our color schemes, to our layout and navigation, we ensure that your website is visually enticing and looks appealing to your desired audience. We take pride in the fact that our websites are tailored to you and your customer, not a generic template.

We design for you, and we know that you need professional results fast. We’ve spent years developing a design and development process to effectively make websites quickly but with just as much precision as those who take months. That’s why we’re able to offer affordable prices and design websites that look like they were thousands of dollars! You can have your website in just a short 7-10 business days.

Custom Logo Design

We know that creating a professional logo design is critical to your business success. That’s why we provide custom logo design services at affordable prices to small and medium business like yours.

At Loopt Development, we think that every customer is unique. Our team ensures that each logo design we create is unique, eye-catching and designed according to the client’s requirements. We want 100% customer satisfaction. Our skilled and professional logo designers know how to create customized corporate logo designs for hundreds of business types, even business that require special attention to detail in a particular business segment or neich.
Domain Name Registration
As an business owner you need to ask yourself how you want to identify your business. Choosing the right domain name is part of this decision. You can either focus on branding, or focus on keywords, We can help you select, purchase, and host your site. Let us help you make the domain purchasing descision.

Website Hosting
Like most things, making a decision on which web hosting company to choose can be tough. With all the companies out there each promising to have 99% uptime, unlimited resources, and knowledgeable support, there has to be a way to cut through the jargon and make an informed decision. Right? What’s the best hosting plan for your needs? Call us - we can help you decide on the hosting plan that’s best for you.

Website Redesign

Updating your website is like cleaning your closet, where you and your customers get to see all of your new products and services in a new light. Let us help you get the results that you’ve always wanted online and ensure that your website reflects who you are.

Ask yourself - has your site been updated lately? Whether you need to update your content, develop new functionality, or simply need a more elegant, sophisticated look, we can make your site attractive and new.


You should be able to see details about your traffic, it's important for your marketing. All of our websites include Google Analytics integration so you can get the best, and most accurate, statistics about your users. Find out where they are coming from, where in the world they’re located, what pages they visit, how long they spend on your website and more!

Understanding your site's performance helps you make the right choices that will lead to more sales. Detailed statistics include:
•How your customers found you and what country they are in
•What URLs are referring to your online store
•What search terms were used to find you
•Tracks the number of visits, including by page hits and unique visitors

Six Months after deliver Support Services
Once your site is live, we’re here to ensure that it functions exactly as you expect. With six months of support to all customers, we’re certain that our service is designed around quality and satisfactions. Just let us know even the most minor of modifications, and we'll fix it within 24 hours.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get into that top 10 for a specific keyword? We use all the latest SEO techniques to get your business in the top 10 results for relevant keywords.

We work with you to plan out and implement an extensive strategy to boost your website in the rankings. Our priority is helping your business boost their online presence and get found on not only Google, but all major search engines.
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